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           A Consulting Firm Providing Resource-Efficient Technology Planning,
          Development Services & Policy Guidance to Public Agencies & Private
                    Companies Building Sustainable & Resilient Communities

Sustainable Community Development Consultants, a General Partnership, is a professional services firm comprised of energy and environmental systems engineers, community planners, real estate development professionals and former federal, state and local government officials with decades of experience in the field of sustainable development.  This unique combination of talent and experience enables SCD to offer private developers and municipal planning officials the full range of assistance necessary to produce commercially viable projects that deliver measurable and sustainable public benefits. Specifically, projects that deliver respectable returns on financial investments, increased employment and local revenues and significant reductions in community resource consumption, local and global air emissions and exposure to natural and man-made hazards.  

Services & Initiatives    

Technology Planning

Sustainable community infrastructure technologies, land use patterns and urban design features exist today that have the potential to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions of large-scale development projects by as much as 50% or more than projects built to meet minimum efficiency and emission standards. SCD's principals and its associates have played a key role over the past ten years advancing Federal, state and utility technology research, development and planning agendas to move these technologies and practices into commercial use. Today, SCD provides this experience directly to municipal planning and development departments and to private real estate development companies interested in using these technologies and practices to reduce operating costs, to enhance economic growth and to improve community environmental quality and security. 

These include technologies and systems for the generation, transmission, distribution, end-use and reuse of energy, water, wastewater and materials. And specifically, resource-efficient technologies and infrastructure systems supporting commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings; roadways, bridges, tunnels and ports; mass transit and private mobility; commercial enterprises, and civic services and functions. In short, all of the physical systems necessary to support the function of a community. Please see the Technology Planning page for additional information.

To view the video "Energizing Sustainable Cities - The Power of Planning & Design", illustrating the potential of integrated technology planning and advanced urban design, please follow this link:
This video was written and produced for the binational metropolitan region of San Diego & Tijuana
by SCD's founding principal.

Development Services

Given that resource-efficient land uses and urban design features can dramatically increase the
cost-effectiveness and operating efficiencies of advanced energy, water, wastewater and solid waste 
systems and material applications, SCD provides a full array of related development services. From
project planning, design, estimating and entitlement, to contracting, management and final close-out,
SCD offers the services that transform concepts into the building blocks of sustainable communities.
Please see the Development Services page for additional information.  

Local Energy Assurance

Natural disasters and extreme weather events, accidents and acts of domestic terrorism all pose a very
real threat to the operation of critical community facilities and functions that are dependent on conventional electricity grids, and natural gas and petroleum supply pipelines. To address these threats, the Federal government initiated a pilot planning initiative known as the Local Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) program. The competitive program awarded grants to a small number of municipalities across the nation
to develop energy assurance plans (EAPs) to secure energy resources for critical facilities during the disruption of conventional utility supplies. SCD has the distinction of completing the first EAP in the nation under the Federal initiative and is now applying its innovative LEAP planning process to two additional communities particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and extreme weather events. Please see the Local Energy Assurance page for additional information on this vital community planning service. 

Economic Development

Led by the former Economic Development Officer for one of the most progressive communities advancing sustainability development in California, SCD's economic development practice offers municipal clients a complete suite of services designed to recruit and retain business enterprises, to increase local employment opportunities and to increase revenue without undue burden on community taxpayers. Although these objectives have been difficult to achieve for most municipalities during the ongoing national economic recession, SCD can offer a set of strategies and tactics that have proven effective in parts of the country that have suffered major down-turns in the building industry. Please see the Economic Development page for additional information.  

Policy & Finance Innovations

With the advent of state climate control legislation, and the long-term probability of Federal carbon emissions regulation, public and private development practitioners alike are interested in learning how their communities and development projects can keep up with the elevating climate curve and constituent/consumer interest in low-carbon community development projects. SCD principals and associate consultants offer decades of experience in public policy formulation and environmental regulatory promulgation and in innovative public-private financing mechanisms to capitalize and sustain sustainable infrastructure and community development projects. Please see the Policy & Finance Innovations page for additional information on these services. 

Strategic Partnerships

Research & Capacity-Building Partners

SCD enjoys strategic partnerships with several unique university-based and independent research organizations in the United States and abroad. In the United States, SCD collaborates with researchers at: the National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities ( at San Diego State University; the Galvin Initiative; the Gas Technology Institute; and the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems at the University of Colorado Denver.  These organizations constitute a formidable source of ongoing research on resource-efficient infrastructure systems and their members are actively engaged as associate consultants on SCD projects.

Outside of the United States, SCD has established strategic partnerships with the Global Energy Network for Community Sustainability/GENCS ( - a university and municipal research collaborative; and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Partnership ( - an EU sponsored RD&D entity with Secretariats in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. GENCS partners include: the BP-Urban Energy Systems Project at Imperial College London, London, England; the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion in Haifa, Israel; the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Technology - Sydney, Sydney, Australia; and the Beijing Sustainable Development Center - a public organization affiliated with the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission in Beijing, China.






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